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Timetable of Events for GLFC Fun Day [run with Parish Council]

Mini World Cup

Commences 9.30 am.


Age groups  / Session

1.       U7 Bulldogs, U8 Avengers, U9 Sabres

2.       U10 Lightnings,U10 Warriors,U11 Crusaders

3.       U13 Cougers,U13 Jets, U14 Dodgers

4.       U15 Vulcans,U15 Eagles, U16 Wasps (time permitting)


1.       England – Red Bibs

2.       Brazil – Yellow Bibbs

3.       Italy – Blue Bibs

4.       Mexico – Green Bibbs


Games will be 6 minutes per game ,each team will play each other in the group with the winner being the team with the most points,  depending on results and in the event of a tie – then penalties take place between the top teams.


The anticipated start time are as follows….


Session 1 -  U7-U9



Session 2 -  U10-U11

11.30 -1.30pm


Session 3 –U13-U14



Session 4 – U15- u16

3.30 5.30pm


At the end of each session all GLFC Members will receive a special 20th Aniversary Trophy.

Penalty Shoot Out

Start time 10am

Finish time 4pm


£1 for 3 penalties.


Age groups

Under 9

10-16 years



Player scoring the most penalties wins a trophy e.g  if a player was to spend £5 and take 15 penalties scoring 13 goals he may be the leading scorer.


Trophies presented at 4pm

1 trophy presented per age group

NERF Target Shoot Out

Start time 10am

Finish time 4pm


£1 for 6 darts


Age groups

Under 10’s



Player scoring the most points wins a Nerf gun.


Prizes presented at 4pm

1 NERF Gun per age group

Subbuteo Inflatable 5 a Side

Restricted Height Applicable - Juniors Only


Start time 10am

Finish time 4pm


Teams will be colour coded using bibs and the game time duration will be 10 minutes.


Entry fee £1 per player.( 10 players 5-a side)

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