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Sponsors & Awards


GLFC is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation which is run wholly for the benefit of the footballers and the community

Occasionally, the club will be awarded money from the Local Parish Council, Government or FA grants and awards but these are rare in the current financial climate

Therefore sponsors are vital to the club as a whole.

If you would be interested in providing funding to help the club or one of our teams then please contact any of the Club Executive

SEASON 2018 / 2019

SEASON 2017 / 2018

SEASON 2016 / 2017

Business Sponsor

Business Sponsor

Councillor Community Grant

SEASON 2015 / 2016

Business Sponsor

Business Sponsor

Parish Community Grant

Business Sponsor

SEASON 2014 / 2015

Top Marc's Window Cleaning

SEASON 2013 / 2014

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